Tourism Attractions in Ladakh India

Rewind only a decade back, and adventure sports industry in India was not that big. In past few years only, the whole scenario has changed, adventure sports industry in India has touched new heights. trekking in india

Earlier, there were very few rafting camps in Rishikesh, rafting in remote Zanskar region of Ladakh was never heard of, and bungee Jumping and Sky Diving were only to be seen in movies.

But, with time, adventure tourism industry in India has gone very far. With fast growing adventure tourism industry, travelling in India is now not just limited to sightseeing of various beautiful places. Due to its vast size and topographical diversity, India has potential to support any kind of adventure activities and therefore, is becoming a destination for wide variety of adventure sports. Whether it is Skiing on icy slopes of Gulmarg or bungee jumping from 273 ft over flowing stream of Ganga River or experience Underwater life with Scuba diving or camping at 20,000 ft, India has everything to offer.

Adventure Sports in India

One can enjoy adventure sports like bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving, Caving, Sky Diving, Paragliding, rock climbing and many more including wide variety of winter sports like Skiing, Heli-skiing and water sports like White Water Rafting, Parasailing etc. Just name out the sport you are interested in and India’s adventure industry will be ready with it for you.

Other than adventure sports, various other adventure activities like trekking can also be enjoyed.

Trekking and Camping in India

When it comes to trekking in India, nothing can be better than Himalayas. In fact, trekking and camping in Himalayas is one of the best ways to explore the amazing mountain landscapes of Himalayas. Do you want to camp at 20,000 feet at Stok Kangri or looking for short and easy but very beautiful trek like Chopta-Chandrashilla to begin with? Indian Himalayas has wide range of trek options in store for beginner as well as professional trekkers.

Apart from trekking in mountains, one can also enjoy trekking and camping around various beaches in South India.

Adventure Safaris in India

Adventure tourism in India is not only limited to some adrenaline pumping sports or trekking and camping. You can also enjoy jeep safaris, Elephant safaris in major national parks of India, in huge deserts of Rajasthan. You can also go for camel safari in Deserts of Rajasthan or in barren and hilly terrains of Ladakh.


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